Our Story

We know rosacea

MeridaSKIN was founded by a nurse practitioner with rosacea. We understand sensitive skin, and your journey through fruitless products. Our origins commit us to keeping up on scientific advances in dermatology and skincare, and only fielding products we believe in. The result is clean clinical rosacea care that Shannon relies on to keep her own face problem-free.

Our Brand Story


My previously happy complexion took an unpleasant turn at age 30. I tried every available prescription treatment for rosacea. Almost without exception each had a downside that outweighed any modest benefit for me. Admittedly, most of the things that were rumored to "trigger" rosacea flares were present in my life, and I wasn't that motivated to eliminate them. So, I felt the best I could do was to take good care of my skin. I started with inexpensive mass market products that my counterparts in dermatology routinely recommended for sensitive skin, but I didn't find them particularly gentle, or pleasing to use. So I kept moving up the price scale. Spending more didn't help. By 2017, I had grown tired of being embarrassed and stepping out of photographs (to this day I regret that there are few pictures of me during pregnancy). So I decided to see if I could make a better skin cleanser for my own use.
MeridaSKIN Founder Shannon Johnson develops clean clinical rosacea care


I started by taking courses in cosmetic formulating. Then I set up a prototyping lab to get hands-on experience. Learning about cosmetic ingredients and formulas was eye-opening and left me with the certainty that it was possible to improve significantly on the products that were already commercially available. My initial goal was to make a facial cleanser that would be gentle but still remove my make-up. I also wanted to see if I could discourage a common skin mite called Demodex folliculorum, since overpopulation of the mite had been documented in the skin of people with rosacea.

I was so energized by the results I decided to make an entire regimen for myself. Each product would avoid irritants and allergens, promote a balanced microbiome, and support the skin’s important barrier function. The latter meant keeping the pH skin-friendly, promoting moisturization, not stripping away helpful substances and not clogging pores. Finally, as a healthcare provider, a mother and someone who strives to be a good steward of the planet, I wanted to use only ingredients with a strong record of human and environmental safety. Meeting the challenge of formulating within these parameters required thousands of hours, plenty of advice from experts in the field and hundreds of iterations. By mid-2020 I had developed three dermatologist-tested products that I didn’t want to be without, and MeridaSKIN was born.

MeridaSKIN Foaming Facial Cleanser for Rosacea